• John Zenir

CPS (Child Protective Services) LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Some parents have been accused of Abuse or Neglect by CPS; some parents have admitted in Court to neglecting their child; some parents have lived with this stigma for years; some parents could not become teachers, nurses, day care providers, or work in any school where children attended, or work in any facility which serves the elderly, or adopt a child.

Until recently it made no difference if the incident was years earlier or how old the parent was at the time.


And eradicate the stigma, move on to a productive job and a rewarding life.

And it makes no difference how long ago the incident happened.

For those who have received an "Indicated CPS Report" the remedy is available by filing an administrative appeal with the Office of Children & Family Services (OCFS).

For those who were found to have neglected/abused a child after a trial or made an admission, the remedy available is to return to Court and request a reversal of the prior determination pursuant to

the Family Court Act.

Click here to request "Five Steps to Freedom from CPS"

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