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Signing a Contract


 Marriage is not only the loving union of two individuals, it is a contract of sorts, wherein assets as well as debts are shared equally. When children are involved there are many complex issues to be considered.
New York is not a “fault” based state, which allows a party to receive a divorce based upon the mere accusation that the marital relationship has been broken for the last six (6) months.

Family Law

Nothing is more important than family and we treat you and the family law problem you bring to us with great care and detail.  Solving problems in this area requires that we first listen to you to discover what your goals are by finding out as much as possible about the specifics of your problem.

Each problem has at least three levels of perspectives which must be analyzed—financial, emotional, and legal.

Family Time
Estate Plan, Living Will, and Healthcare

Estate Planning

Many people think that Estate Planning is something which is taken care of in one day and then it's done.  That may be one way to do it but it is certainly not the best way to take care of either your family or your estate.
Estate planning should be an ongoing process because families grow, property increases in value, our loved ones sometimes develop special needs, and laws change, as well as taxes. And these are just a few of the reasons your Estate Plan needs to be looked at every 5 years to be certain that the proper planning is being done and all contingencies are covered for your family.

Tiny Feet

Additional Areas & Services

We are committed to help.
There are a broad range of challenges that our clients may need to address while going through a Family Law matter and our team at The Law Office of John M. Zenir, Esq.. P.C., has working relationships with a number of trusted advisers to provide our clients with an array of services, including but not limited to parenting coordination, wealth management and financial planning, accounting, emotional counseling, financing and refinancing, real estate, and many other services.